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To create a better future for all parties involved in the land acquisition process by directly representing landowner's concerns and interests. We believe that better representation for the landowners will result in securing a positive long-term relationship benefiting both the landowner and the oil and gas or utility company.


To better represent landowners during the oil and gas and utility land acquisition process.  Our direct representation of landowners involves a unique process of tracking issues and concerns while maintaining complete transparency and open communication between all parties.  Our goal is to represent the landowner fairly and make sure all issues are addressed in a timely fashion.

The Benefits Of Having Us Represent You:

You do NOT pay us… you hire us and we invoice the oil and gas company through you.
The Vass' family has over 50 years of combined experience being Land Agents
You get access to our Landowner App which helps you keep track of all your issues and enables us to resolve them quickly
You can draw from our pool of talent including experienced land agents, lawyers, and environmentalists
We help you get the best possible deal on new agreements, rental reviews, and damages
We send a land agent to represent you during the surveying and construction phase
Being landowners ourselves we can relate to you on all levels
We care about you

  Isn't it time things changed?
Hire us today and get direct representation.
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