Meet the Vass and Associates Team

Who Is Vass & Associates?

We are a family operated company dedicated to helping landowners across Western Canada get better representation during the oil and gas land acquisition process.  We are passionate about our business and have years of experience as licensed land agents supporting landowner's interests in unique and effective ways.

Most of us grew up on farms or rural areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan so we can relate to farmer's emotions when oil and gas or utility companies come knocking at their door. As you can see after watching the videos, we have been on both sides of the fence so we believe strongly in knowing we can provide better representation for the landowner.

Mark Vass

For more than 30 years, Mark has been a well-respected member of the energy industry. He was a founding partner in Pioneer Land & Environmental Services and has extensive experience in negotiating leases and right-of-ways across Western Canada, particularly in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Prior to creating Vass and Associates, Mark spent his whole career consulting to oil and gas companies as a land agent and construction advisor. Mark has experience with every kind of project in almost every area in western Canada including sour gas and coal-bed methane projects.

Mark and his wife of 38 years own and live on a ranch in the foothills of Alberta. They raised all of their children in this wonderful environment and now are “helping” to raise their 11 grandchildren. Wells have been drilled and pipelines have been built on this land so Mark is familiar with dealing with oil and gas companies from both sides of the table.

Doug Vass

Doug was raised on a ranch in the foothills of Alberta.  At 21 years old he found his wife and now has 4 children together with her living in Calgary. 

Doug has 10 plus years experience working in the Oil and Gas industry. The first 4 years of his career were spent working in the drilling and completions sector of the industry. He has held a Permanent Land Agent license since 2005 and has extensive experience in working with landowners throughout Southern Alberta. 

Doug always wanted to own a farm and realized his dream in April of 2011 when he bought a 2000 acre farm in Unity Saskatchewan which is currently rented out to a local farmer.  His love for land and his passion to preserve the natural state of land is what makes Doug an integral partner in Vass and Associates.

Dave Vass

Dave began his land agent career nine years ago at Scott Land and Lease Ltd. where he acquired shallow gas leases and right-of-ways. He also worked on telecommunications projects including the Alberta SuperNet.

Prior to pursuing his land agent career, he studied Kinesiology and Pedagogy at the University of Calgary. He has had his permanent land agent license for the past eight years, acquiring more than five hundred leases and right-of-ways for energy companies including EnCana and Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc. (formally MGV Energy Ltd.) As an entrepreneur Dave has gained an appreciation of the challenges faced by early-stage companies.

Today Dave enjoys helping companies with their marketing and advertising efforts. Dave is the primary visionary behind the following companies:

Today Dave enjoys helping companies with their marketing and advertising efforts. Dave is the primary visionary behind the following companies:

Local Online Advertising Experts
My Mobile Marketing
Holy Cow Apps
Vass and Associates

Dave is extremely excited about helping landowners and through his extensive experience with marketing and technology has been able to develop a really useful tool called The Landowner App™. To learn more about this FREE tool visit

Genci Jani

Genci Jani has over seven years experience in the Oil & Gas industry with a diploma from SAIT in piping design and drafting. The first few years were spent working in the engineering sector of the industry where he became well versed in the design and construction of well sites, pipelines and facilities.

For the past 4 years Genci made a transition into the land industry. He worked as interim land agent/ land adminstrator and has worked in all facets of the land industry.

Genci prides himself on his dedication, commitment and the willingness to “go the extra mile”.

Genci's experience in the land industry and the construction field make him an ideal partner of Vass and Associates.