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Posted on 23rd June 2015 Written by admin

Carbon Credits Alberta – All You Need To Know About Buying & Selling Carbon Credits

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The 21st century has seen the rise of a fair number of environmental problems. One of the most detrimental problems that we have been facing on a global scale is climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, several steps have been taken to reduce those emissions, and today, over two decades after the Kyoto Protocol, international attempts to reduce the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gas have led to the creation of what are known as carbon markets.

While Canada is one of the top producers of greenhouse gas emissions, Alberta leads the world in carbon credit aggregation. Here is what you need to know (in a nutshell) about carbon markets and Alberta carbon credits:

What Are Carbon Credits?

Quite simply, carbon credits (also known as carbon offsets) are financial units of measurements that represent the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide (tC02e) from the atmosphere. Carbon credits can be bought to offset the carbon emissions that a party is generating.

What Are Carbon Markets?

The carbon market is divided into two groups: compliance and voluntary. The compliance market is comprised of the 169 countries that have signed the Kyoto Protocol. Under the Protocol, each member (country) is bound by a greenhouse gas emission quota that they cannot exceed. When a country exceeds this quota, they can buy carbon credits from another country to offset their emissions. Canada withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol in 2011.

The voluntary carbon market, on the other hand, is made up of companies that volunteer to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits.

How Are Carbon Credits Gained?

Carbon credits can be accrued by doing several activities which involve the reduction of greenhouse gas in one form or another. Reduction of greenhouse gas can happen either by replacing dirty fuels with renewable energy, reducing fossil fuels by using less energy or capturing and subsequently storing carbon that has already been released in trees.

Who Can Use Carbon Credits?

In Alberta, carbon credits can be purchased by the government, industries and private individuals to compensate for the carbon emissions that they are themselves generating. In certain cases, purchasing carbon credits can prove to be less expensive than actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Where Can You Buy Carbon Credits From?

In Alberta, the carbon market is very strong will most likely keep on growing for several more years. Companies and individuals can buy carbon credits from a number of brokers, retailers and online trading platforms. One of the leading individuals in Alberta (and around the world) that specializes in carbon credit aggregation is Mark Vass.  You can call Mark at 403-860-0077.

Where Can You Sell Carbon Credits?

Since carbon credits can be purchased in Alberta and Canada, they can also be sold. Several companies in Alberta such as CarbonCredit Solutions offer to buy carbon credits from farmers. Often, the latter don’t even have to change anything about their farming habits in order to earn money. If you are an Alberta farmer, we highly encourage you to learn more about Alberta carbon credits and how your farming practices might generate you carbon credits.

Of course, farmers are not the only ones who are able to sell carbon credits. Innovative companies and individuals can also monetize the value of their greenhouse gas reductions. If your company is involved in one or more of these practices, consider applying on a carbon credit program:

⁃ Conservative cropping;
⁃ Fuel switching;
⁃ Solar;
⁃ Methane capture;
⁃ Methane destruction;
⁃ Energy from biomass;
⁃ and more.

How Can Buying Credits Help Reduce Emissions?

Of course, by its own buying carbon credits will not reduce greenhouse gas emissions since the only way to reduce emissions is by… well… actually reducing them. With that said however, buying credits actually plays a very big role in balancing the carbon footprint until more severe, drastic measures to reduce it are implemented worldwide.

Why Should My Business Care About Alberta Carbon Credits?

After learning more about carbon credits it is quite easy to forget about this topic and move on. Going on with your life the way you have always done is much easier than changing something that you don’t like about it.

While most people will do just that, some people won’t. If you are among those people, here are a few more reasons why your Alberta business would benefit from reducing emissions and supporting the carbon market:

⁃ It shows leadership;
⁃ It makes you more desirable in the eyes of consumers who are environmentally conscious;
⁃ It helps you prepare for future regulations;
⁃ It allows you to save money on energy bills;
⁃ and many more.

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